About Us

Charlie and Diana

Being a general contractor is a huge responsibility--you’re dealing with so much emotion and money. Trusting your general contractor is a must and his consideration for you, your feelings and your money is even more important!

Realizing how critical this relationship is to a successful outcome, we at Ayres Custom Homes, Inc. don’t view building custom homes as a job…we view it as a privilege!

At the age of 21, I built my first house (with the assistance of my brothers) and have been involved in the real estate and home construction business for most of my life.

Diana (my wife and partner) and I incorporated CDA Inc. in 2000 and since then have migrated into building custom homes. We recently changed our name to Ayres Custom Homes, Inc. to better reflect our primary focus. Diana is one of our company’s most valuable assets, she has an amiable, solid personality, a good eye for detail and design and excellent people skills…the clients love her!

We have 2 kids, Chase & Alexis, who have grown up around the real estate world and have helped clean up more job sites than they care to remember.

A few years ago I found out that my great grand father was a general contractor and business man around the turn of the century. He died an early death at 42 and at that time had 4 school houses under construction and had just built a 7 gable house for his family.

His name was…..Charlie Ayres…. General Contracting is truly “in my blood”.

There is not a day that goes by that I am not excited about what I have been blessed to do as a living, and I do mean blessed by the Good Lord above!

Diana and I look forward to the future and all the nice homes to be built for those people I call “My Clients”.